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At Eclypse, we stand out as a creative agency where every pixel and line of code intertwine to form an elegant dance of innovation and creativity, reflecting our tireless commitment to digital excellence. We are not merely website creators; we are the architects behind digital experiences that transcend the ordinary, weaving innovation, personalization, and memorability into every design.

Our vision is simple yet profound: to humanize the digital space. With more than two decades of experience and a gallery adorned with over 10 international awards, each project is a narrative of excellence and innovation. We adapt, evolve, and lead, setting a pace in an ever-changing digital world.

From the vibrant tech hubs of the United States, we have extended our influence, planting flags of innovation in Europe and South America. We are a mosaic of cultures, uniting continents with world-class digital solutions.

We believe that every business is a unique entity, deserving of a personalized digital solution. We dive deep into the specifics of your needs, emerging with solutions as unique as your brand, ensuring results that not only meet but exceed expectations.

At Eclypse, innovation and creativity are not just buzzwords; they are the core of our existence. We are on a constant quest, exploring, learning, and growing, with our eyes fixed on the horizon of endless possibilities.

Welcome to Eclypse Design, where excellence is the standard.

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Awards and Recognition

Quality and innovation are pillars at Eclypse. Our commitment to excellence has led us to be recognized with over 10 international awards. Each accolade reflects our dedication as a top-tier creative agency.


Best Website Maintenance & Social Media Marketing Company


Best SEO / SEM Digital Marketing Consulancy


Best International Creative Web Agency


Latin America AI Implementation Leaders of the Year


Best Digital Experience Design Agency


Most Innovative Web Design Agency

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