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In Eclypse, we understand that sailing in the digital world can be challenging. Therefore, we offer you an exhaustive and personalized analysis that will help you identify key opportunities to improve your website, your social networks strategies, and your positioning in front of competition.

What includes your personalized report?

  • Google My Business report:
    We evaluate your Google My Business profile to maximize your local visibility and attraction.
  • Competitors analysis:
    We identify your main competitors and show you how they are positioning themselves in the digital market.

  • Web site analysis:
    We perform an exhaustive analysis of your website, focusing on usability, SEO and conversion.

  • Social Network Strategy:
    We analyze your social networks to offer you strategies that increase your engagement and scope.

  • Safety and privacy of the website:
    We review the safety and privacy of your website, ensuring that it complies with the best practices and regulations.

  • Visibility in Google:
    We show you how your website is presented in Google search results and how you can improve your ranking.

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