We will make your website fall in love with your customers!

It is useless to have a website with a very worked development, if over time the data is outdated, no aspect of the web is improved or new products / services or functionalities are added that can get more conversions, the problems are not fixed. links with errors etc.

It would be like leaving the site to fate.

With our maintenance you will achieve

A site according to your customers

We analyze how users interact and take the steps that will make a difference.

Always updated

A carefully thought out strategy for continuous updates keeps your site running smoothly.

Continuous improvement

Website maintenance services focus on what matters: commitment and continuous improvement

Mantenimiento de sitios web

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We want to help you
to boost your business.


Always up-to-date web pages

Constant monitoring

Every 5 minutes we send a signal to your website, if it does not respond we intervene and resolve the incident.


The security service includes a periodic monitoring that alerts us if a new vulnerability appears.

Server and page optimization

Both elements are essential for your website to load quickly, without delays, thus avoiding abandonment by the visitor.


We make daily backups and store them on an external server for 7 days.

Personalized support

Our support system will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Software updates

We take care of all updates for both the website and the hosting.